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Building Sustainable Supply Chain

Big Tree Farms works directly with organic farmer partners in Indonesia, paying fair trade wages and supporting sustainable agriculture to create better livelihoods for thousands of families. The mission of the company is to help impoverished farmers earn more income so they can live in health and prosperity.

Big Tree Farms operates sustainable supply chains on more than 10 islands across Indonesia’s archipelago of 17,000 islands and atolls. These sustainable supply chains are actually deeply involved social relationships with individual farmers and community farmer groups. The producers involved become part of a tight-knit community and their needs, hopes and dreams become integral to the company’s corporate vision.

When Big Tree Farms first began growing bio-intensively in the central highlands of Bali, the vision was to create a sustainable model of small-scale agriculture for growers in the humid tropics. An immaculate cultural heritage of sustainable farming had been nearly wiped out years before by transnational campaign extolling the market-oriented virtues of the new commercial farm culture. High input use and overly intensive production systems were established and quickly zapped the strength of the fragile tropical soils.

The beautiful system of old simply didn’t work economically, and the precepts of “new” farming simply didn’t work ecologically. Small farmers were becoming disenfranchised and anything began to look better than the choice to farm. The key to the model developed by Big Tree Farms was creating the power of choice. By creating a model that worked both economically and ecologically, small farmers were able to celebrate the unique attributes of their agricultural heritage while still succeeding in the marketplace. The farms are finally “working” for the farmers.

Since those early humble beginnings starting on just under 1/8 of an acre, Big Tree Farms has grown to become the premier producer of sustainably grown crops in Indonesia with over 40,000 acres of certified organic land under our farmer-relation management. They are now Indonesia’s largest organic food company, supporting thousands of family farms across 10 islands.

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